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A fine mix of excellent professionals, providing top notch services in a friendly environment. Guided by our core values, we strive to be the most trusted, innovative and respected provider of health, wellness and aesthetic services in Nigeria. Consistently providing our clients with an exceptional service and top quality service experience. We hold our relationships with our clients in the highest regard and work to ensure that their loyalty to Regal is rewarding.


To provide clients with safe and top notch cosmetic surgery and beauty therapy. We ensure our clients are treated with compassion, dignity, privacy and utmost care in a serene environment.

Plastic surgery centre in Nigeria

Core Values


We consider client satisfaction and confidentiality top priority. Everything we do will be to make our clients feel valued and respected.

We take full responsibility for our actions. We are committed to ensuring we live up to our clients expectations. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for carrying out Regal’s mission and living its core values.

We set high standards in the quality of care we deliver to our clients. Our providers and technicians are fully invested in their profession and are committed to continuously improving themselves and raising the standard of care and service they offer our clients. We employ the latest and most effective technology and treatments to deliver exceptional results to our clients.

We love what we do! We are enthusiastic, dedicated, and fun loving. We take pride in what we are creating at Regal. We want the best for our clients and continued success for Regal.

We are authentic, honest and credible. We approach our clients and each other with honesty, respect and humility. We do the right thing even when nobody’s watching. We communicate clearly and transparently. We support each other. We teach each other. We trust each other.