Cost of Plastic Surgery in Nigeria

Expecting to get a fixed price on every plastic surgery procedure is like asking for the cost of repairs on a damaged car.  Without first taking it to an Auto mechanic for proper evaluation and costing. You could have an estimate. To have a definite price of plastic Surgery, you need to have a consultation.

Your Auto mechanic will first and foremost check your car and then recommend what needs to be worked on. Furthermore, check its cost implication. So also you need to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon, where you will discuss your aesthetic needs. You will also discuss how much it will cost to get the best results.

After your consultation, the price of your procedure(s) will be given to you. This procedure quote usually covers but is not limited to the following charges.

Cost of Plastic Surgery in Nigeria


Hospital Fees: This is the total of your hospital bills. It covers bed space, facility fees, disposables used during the surgical procedure.  Post-surgery care and drugs are also included.


Investigations: You should be in good state of health before a cosmetic procedure will be carried out on you. Investigations therefore covers all your laboratory examinations.


Implants/injectables:  This will cover the cost of the implants or injectables to be used for the procedure. If your procedure involves the use of implants or injectables. For Example, Breast Implants.


Surgeons Fees: This varies based on the type of procedure to be carried out. The fee for a Botox session is different that for a Brazilian Butt Lift


Post-surgical garments: This is payment for elastic compression garments, Shape-wears, binders etc. For support to the Areas worked on.


Anesthetic charges: This is separate from the fees that is charged by your plastic surgeon or the clinic. The complexity of the procedure to be done and duration will determine the fee that will be charged by the anaesthetist.


Charges for Lymphatic massage: It is advisable to have at least six sessions of lymphatic Drainage Massage during the first two weeks of recovery from a cosmetic procedure (body); to promote faster removal of excess interstitial fluid, reduce swelling and water retention in the body.


Accommodation fees: For foreign clients or clients residing outside Port Harcourt there is also provision for accommodation for an extended stay at the clinic.

Some or all of these fees summed up will give you the total cost of your plastic surgery in Nigeria. To get started book a consult with our Plastic Surgeon right away !