Babies are a great source of joy, and having one can be amazing. But as with almost everything else, there is always a downside.

Ha! The saggy tummy, the weight gain, and don’t get me started with not being able to wear “Sexy” dresses. Pregnancy can totally cause changes in a woman’s body that are unimaginable. To restore their pre-pregnancy shape, more women are opting for a “mommy makeover” surgery.

What is Mommy Makeover Surgery?

So simply put, a mommy make over is a post pregnancy plastic surgery.

mommy makeover surgery

The main goal of “Mommy Makeover” surgery is to restore the shape and appearance of a woman’s body after childbearing. This procedure can include areas such as breasts, abdomen, buttocks, genitalia, and/or waist.

While this surgery is becoming increasingly popular, there are certain things women need to know about “Mommy Makeover” surgery before they opt for it.

What you need to know about Mommy Makeover Surgery 

It is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle: A “Mommy Makeover” is no substitute for the right diet and exercise regimen. You should make sure that you are exercising and eating right both before and after your surgery.


Try to maintain an ideal body weight before your surgery: It is crucial that you are at or close to your ideal body weight prior to your “Mommy Makeover” surgery. The operation will go more smoothly if your weight is lower. If you are not happy with your weight, you should wait for a few months before going in for the surgery.


Understand that your body will change after surgery:Immediately after surgery, your body will swell. After a few days, this swelling will go down and you will be able to appreciate the improved shape of your new body.


Take a break:As with any surgical procedure, you may experience some level of discomfort immediately after surgery. You may need to take anywhere from one to three weeks off work to recover fully from the surgery. If you have other children or household chores to take care of, you may need someone to help you with those. Keep in mind that any discomfort you experience the first few days will significantly decrease over the days following your surgery.


Be prepared for scarring after incisions:The “Mommy Makeover” surgery will need incisions in the areas of the body where the surgery is performed. These incisions may leave a small scar. Here at Regal Plastic Surgery Centre, our surgeons make every effort to minimize and conceal the incisions. They will also let you know how to take care of your healing after the surgery in order to minimize scaring.


Have reasonable expectations about the outcome:With any surgery, it is important to have reasonable expectations about the outcome. You may not go back to the exact shape you had prior to your pregnancy . However, post-surgery, you will have an improved shape that is usually better than before your procedure.


Choose the right plastic surgery Centre:Your plastic surgeon should not just be competent, but you should also have a long talk with him before opting for the procedure, to ensure that you are comfortable.


These are some of the things you should know before you opt for “Mommy Makeover” surgery.

For more information, schedule a consult with our plastic surgeon, and get all your questions answered.