Need a plastic surgeon in Nigeria? Okay so you are interested in getting a cosmetic procedure done, and you are probably wondering, with all the negative reviews you see in the news; “How can I choose a plastic surgeon that will deliver on my goals”?


Well, Here Are the Top 5 things you need to know…


To ensure you enjoy the experience and most importantly get good results from plastic surgery, look out for these things in your plastic surgeon…

Plastic surgeon in Nigeria

Get a Surgeon that is board-certified Plastic Surgeon in nigeria

The importance of getting a board-certified plastic surgeon cannot be over emphasized

This means that your surgeon has 6-7 years of specialist training; and has been awarded a Fellowship by a recognized certifying body, such as the West African College of Surgeons, National Postgraduate College of Surgeons, American College of Surgeons, etc.

This calls for due diligence, take your time and do your background checks.


Confirm that the surgeon has expertise in the specific procedure you desire

There are different areas of cosmetic surgery and each requires different skills: a nose job is quite different from a butt lift or boob job.

You can get a referral from someone that had a procedure done with a plastic surgeon in Nigeria or simply check out their work on social media. For example @Regal Plastic Surgery Centre .


Ensure the operating facility is accredited

Yes this is one thing you shouldn’t ignore; you want to make sure the facility is properly accredited, just like making sure the surgeon is board certified. Accreditation ensures that strict standards are met for proper equipment, safety, surgeon credentials and staffing.


You should relate to and feel comfortable with your surgeon

You should be able to trust your surgeon. That is why a consultation is very vital before you undergo any cosmetic surgery.

You should be able to discuss freely with your surgeon, ask questions, express your concerns and discuss your body goals and what results to expect.


There are red flags to look out for. For instance, if a surgeon is trying to oversell other unrelated services to you, or suggests procedures that do not benefit you –then you can reconsider your options. You should feel comfortable about the entire process.

Remember it’s about you!


 Your surgeon should ask you vital questions

Ensure your surgeon  takes into account your medical history. Run the necessary examinations and ensure that you are physically and mentally fit to undergo the procedure of your choice.

Whether it’s a minor cosmetic procedure or a major reconstructive surgery, if the surgeon isn’t asking you about your medical history and taking that into account when discussing potential treatment options, it should be a red flag that they’re not being thorough.

At this point you must be trying to figure out how to get all these things checked about us…it is really easy!

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