Just as a chef would prepare the necessary ingredients before cooking and plating any dish; so also it is very important to prepare for any cosmetic procedure; whether it is a Brazilian butt Lift, a tummy tuck or breast reduction and lift.

Patients who are better informed go into surgery having realistic expectations; the better informed you are before your surgery, the more likely you’ll be satisfied with the results of the operation.

When preparing for plastic surgery in Nigeria, these are simple tips would make your experience more enjoyable

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Schedule a Consultation:

Scheduling a consultation would give you the opportunity to acquaint yourself with your plastic surgeon, ask questions and know what your options are. Discuss with your surgeon to know the benefits, risks, and expectations of the procedure you want to get done.


Maintain a balanced Weight:

Maintaining a healthy and balanced weight before your procedure could help ensure a faster recovery. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and maintain regular physical activity.


Follow all PRE and POST-Operative Instructions

For every procedure there are pre-operative and post-operative instructions/guidelines. Carefully read through all guidelines and instructions that would be given to you. Follow these instructions to ensure a healthy recovery and to eliminate any future complications or risks. These instructions/guidelines usually cover: what to expect during your procedure and recovery, what to eat before and after your surgery, etc.


Prepare to get plenty of rest

It is also important to make necessary arrangements to take time off work, business or any rigorous physical activity. Be sure to get medical clearance from work or delegate your business tasks. If you are responsible for others, such as children or parents, arrange for someone else to care for them so you can take time to rest.


Get a Caregiver for your recovery

After your procedure, you will need to get plenty of rest. Make arrangements for a family member or friend that would render the necessary assistance to you during your recovery. The person may need to stay at home with you to monitor your progress for the first few days following your procedure and take you to your follow-up appointments if the need arises.