Why I did Plastic Surgery in Nigeria:

What I wasn’t expecting was learning that combination of procedures was a
“thing.” I honestly hadn’t factored Brazilian Butt Lift “BBL” into my
procedure, but while marking my body, Dr. Opara Said, ‘why don’t we do this :
“360 liposuction with BBL’…… great Idea I said to myself.

Prior to the Surgery day, my blood was taken for some medical test. They
needed to be sure I was fit for the procedure. The day before the surgery I
was told mot to eat or drink till after 12 midnight……I love drinking
water a lot but i had to adhere to the instructions.

It was “Liposuction and BBL eve” full of anxiety and questions. I kept envisaging
what my new look would be like, I woke up 3 times on different intervals, it was
as if I should fast forward the hands of the clock. My alarm woke me up at 5am. I
got ready, ensured I got all I needed. Yes I double checked. As early as 7am I was
@Regal Plastic Surgery Centre with my baggage, One of the nurses received me
with love. I had some little fears though, but how they disappeared when I
entered the theatre by 10am is what I can’t tell; could it be because of the
smiling and confident faces of the medical team? I was strong as I laid on the bed.
…I was given sedative, immediately I slept off.

I’m not certain about how long it took but to me it was just like seconds interval,
I woke up tired as if I led the 2nd world war, I tried moving but it was laboured.
Then I smiled when i realised i had just had my procedure successfully.I also realised I had
been worn my compression garment. At that point all I wanted was just
to use the mirror and see my transformation, but of course I couldn’t because
I was still drowsy… I took some sips of water and slept again.


Why I did Plastic Surgery in Nigeria

By morning I had lymphatic massage and drain age and had a
shower..Ah! but before then I walked straight to the mirror and
guess what? I saw a beautifully snatched waistline, curvy hips with endowed butt. Is this me? Could
this be a dream? I asked myself. I was glad with what I saw,I kept smiling at the
new me. I was discharged same day. I was also given some medications to take at
home, which helped to relieved the pains and prevent infections. I was
told not to sit on my butt until after 3 weeks. I was also given a BBL
foam and was taught how to sit with it, using my thigh alone without pressure on my butt…I wasn’t going to sit for 3 weeks, it was fun though.


Did I tell you my mum wasn’t in support of my decision to have Liposuction. It will affect your
womb” she said. People do have a misconception about Liposuction. It is a procedure
done beneath your skin and has no business with your internal organs.

I didn’t want my mum to know I had done the procedure. so I decided to stay at
my friend’s place for about 7 to 10 days. I also had to take some time
off work to recover fully. The nurses always checked up on me to
know how I was feeling. I think the care also helped me recover faster……yes!


There was need for me to go home after some days, my mum was ill, I had to go
and help her. She noticed I was looking different, then she asked me if I had done
the surgery, I told her “Yes” she was baffled.

The next morning she helped me to fasten my garment….she noticed the
incisions were very tiny and incapable of causing any harm to me. She was happy I
was looking good and smashing.


I had 6 sessions of Lymphatic Drainage massage. After a week I could resume
my normal activities but didn’t sit…. I had to wear my Compression garments
morning and night It was not easy but I was determined to maintain my good result. I kept admiring my
new self, I thought of how I would show off myself and get all
the compliments………”laugh out loud”

When I was asked if I would like to share my story in series, I thought it was a
wise idea to share why I had my plastic surgery in Nigeria, and express my joy and satisfaction after my surgical procedure .

After 3 weeks I went for check up and got the good news I had been longing
for…..”You can start sitting on your butt but continue with your
compression garments and binders” said the Doctor.
So here I am, writing this as I stare at my calendar with my surgery date circled
with Joy. I’m filled with excitement as I write why I had plastic surgery in Nigeria, because I have seen what my plastic
surgery results are like! I’ve changed my wardrobe.

I humbly ask everyone to put their judgements aside for a second and consider the
underlying reasons Why I did plastic surgery in Nigeria and why so many people willingly choose cosmetic surgery. It’s a very personal matter for me, an intimately personal choice and one that I know I made
on my own – free of judgement or pressures from others. For once it’s about me
and I couldn’t be more proud of myself for taking these steps.

The internet is only able to cover so much and it’s not until I was face to face with
my surgeon that my dream became a reality . There’s no pressure on you to just
have a conversation (consultation) with the doctor, but it’s the only way I would recommend getting
started. You may be just as surprised as I was. Just remember, do it because YOU
want to – forget the haters! Now I feel more confident and comfortable, no need for self consciousness when walking. I get appreciation from strangers, did I add favour as well? Everyone just wants to associate with me now because I Look good.

All thanks to Regal!